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SDARians 95'9 Network (Persatuan Bekas Pelajar-pelajar Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak, Seremban Sesi 1995 - 1999) or better known as SDARIANS 959 was formed on December 5th, 1994. SDARIANS 959 has a membership approximately around 120 registered members at the moment.

All activities that concerning SDARIANS 959 prior to the establishment of SDARIANS 959 were coordinated and organized by ad hoc committees formed for specific purpose and occasion. When these activities grew and got more organized the realization for organized association grew in stature. Thus, few former students began to look seriously at the formation of SDARIANS 959.

The main reason for the establishment of SDARIANS 959 is the need to gather the former students and to create that sense of belonging to our alma mater. The true calling of our motto of 'Once a SDARIAN Always a SDARIAN' is already so strong that we have leverage on to benefit the members further. It was hoped with the establishment of SDARA more structured activities could be organized for the members as well as our beloved school.

The objectives of SDARians 95'9:

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We would like to welcome all visitor to our website. This is the main website as all of our data and information is available here. To get them, you can either use the navigation menu on your left or simply use the search button. It's that easy huh?

After finishing school on 1999, two members of SDARians 95'9 decided to bring the idea of a batch website that have been planned since 1997 to life. The contents of the website mainly pictures of ours and some news and about SDARians 95'9.

Keep SDARians 95'9 updated with the latest news and give information to the world about SDARians 95'9.

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